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    Removal Company Hereford and Worcester

    The Local Government Act 1972 established Hereford and Worcester on April 1, 1974. It bordered Shropshire, West Midlands and Staffordshire towards the north, Warwickshire thru the east, Gloucestershire towards the south, and Powys and Gwent in Wales to the west. It was closed down in 1998 and returned back, with a little of swapping of lands, to the two disconnected significant counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The Local Government Boundary Commission in 1948 projected a union of the two countries but it was neglected and was not implemented. The union was again proposed by the Redcliffe-Maud Report in 1969 and was retained even though there no name was given. Under the Local Government Bill as presented into Parliament in November 1971, it was named Malvernshire but was subject to criticism and was then changed during the Bill’s passage through Parliament.

    Hereford and Worcester Removals

    You will simply be amazed with the work of the professionals when you enlist with Removal Company Hereford and Worcester.  Removal Company Hereford and Worcester is packed with different kinds of removal services that are well suited for your budget.  At Removal Company Hereford and Worcester, we maintain a wide fleet of service vans and containers that can accommodate your removal needs.  Furniture and other belongings will be packed by our workers at Removal Company Hereford and Worcester with care according to its frailty.  Valuables that are fragile are also carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure its safety.  Boxes after boxes will be loaded into our Removal Company Hereford and Worcester padded vans or containers with the utmost care.  Removal Company Hereford and Worcester staff will also take care of the shipping and paperwork to your new destination.  A set of Removal Company Hereford and Worcester staff are also waiting at the other end ready to set up your belongings in your new location.  Be stress free and worry-free with Hereford and Worcester Removals.