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    Removal Companies Lurgan

    Want to move in Lurgan?  Move now together with Removal Companies Lurgan moving services!  Lurgan is a town in Armagh, Northern Island.  The town is characterized by many of Plantation of Ulster settlements which are filled with straight, wide planned streets and rows of wonderful cottages.  Lurgan is also known as the home of one of the historic buildings which is Brownlow House.  Dating back, Lurgan is known for if production of textiles and after the industrial revolution the production of textile continued to become a major production of Lurgan.  Lurgan is also known for its wide main street and market street.  The Market Street is one of the widest streets in Ireland and in the later part it was dominated by the Shankill Church in Church Place.  Lurgan is also famous for its rows of buildings on the opposite side of Market Street.  The buildings are accented by large gates that are wide enough wherein you can even drive a horse and cart through.

    Removal Company Lurgan

    One of the most interesting places to visit if you are here in Lurgan is the Brownlow House or also known as the Lurgan Castle.  Brownlow Houses is a magnificent and distinctive mansion that was built in 1883 punctuated with Elizabethan interior design having lantern shaped tower and have array of breathtakingly beautiful and prominent chimney spot.  If you are deciding to move in Lurgan, also decide to choose Removals Lurgan moving services to accompany you during your move.  Whether the move is just a few blocks away or even moving your antiques to the attic, Removal Companies Lurgan moving services is the moving companies you can count on.  Removal Companies Lurgan is one of the most sought after moving companies if you are here in Lurgan.  Removal Companies Lurgan have been providing moving services the county of Lurgan for more than 25 years.  Removal Companies Lurgan services is dedicated and consistent in providing good quality and top rated moving services to our valued customers.  At Removal Companies Lurgan we treat our customers like kings and queens and we only provide what is best for them.  We at Removal Companies Lurgan moving services is happy to serve you and we are happy to see you smile wherever and whenever you like to move.