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    Removal Companies Armagh

    Armagh, having a population of 14,590 residents as of 2001 census, makes it as the least populated city in Northern Ireland and the Island of Ireland.  Though the city is classified as a medium-sized town, it was given the city status in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II.  Armagh can be pretty much interesting because it is a site of great historical importance in terms of religion because it is the seat of both Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland.  Armagh can be best explored on foot because of its size.  There are also a lot of interesting places within the city such as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Church of Ireland), St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic), Palace Stable Heritage Centre, Armagh County Museum, Navan Fort 81, Armagh Planetarium, Armagh Observatory, Armagh Public Library and many others.  Today, the city is famous as the Ecclesiastical Capital of Ireland being the home of the two major churches in Ireland.  Having two churches dedicated to St. Patrick, Armagh became a famous destination for pilgrims from all over the world.

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