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The run up to Christmas

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

As me move towards Christmas the number of people moving tails off a bit.

This is due to a new of factors including the fact that people don’t tend to want to move in to a new home a few days before the festive season.

What this means for you as that you can probably get a good deal on your removal quote if you book it up in this period.

Don’t forget that as we move towards the New Year everything changes.

All of the people that deliberately waited until after Christmas means that there is a potential bottleneck.

If you can plan your New Year move now then you can get your chosen slot all booked up and avoid disappointment. You’ll also be able to secure a better deal if you book up early as all of the removal companies like to have forward bookings.

Good luck with your move.

JUNE removals

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

We noticed a big increase in requests for removal quotes back in late April and early May.

These quotes were for removals in mid – late June.

Although the number of quotes has tailed of a bit, June looks like a busy month. This is according to our removal company friends and partners.

If you are looking for a quote in the next couple of weeks, we’d recommend being flexible on dates (if possible) and avoid Fridays.

Also – and this may sound obvious – get your quotes as soon as possible. The later you leave it the less chance you have of securing your first choice.

Feb’, looks like a busy month

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

We noticed a year on year upswing in removals being undertaken over Christmas, New Year and through January.

February looks like being the same.

If you want to secure the best rate for your removal then we suggest you act sooner rather than later.

Yes, there are occasionally good deals to be had at the last moment, but this is a bit of a gamble if you have to be out of your home on a specific day.

In our view you need to look to book up the dates as soon as you can.

Bear in mind that removal companies will be very keen to take a booking for a spare date in the diary. If they already have a booking on a date you are interested in then it’s unlikely to be at a cheaper rate.

December and January Removal Company Activity

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

A quick update on current activity.

Oddly enough we have seen a big surge in people looking for removal company quotes over the last 4 weeks.

We’d normally expect to see a bit of a drop-off in the run up to Christmas, but it looks as though December and January are going to be busy months.

Our advice is, as always, get your quotes as early as you possibly can and try to be as flexible as possible when booking your date.

This isn’t always possible especially where there is a large chain, but if you can offer a bit of flexibility you might find that you can secure a better deal.

Avoid the busy dates

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

We made a blog post some months ago about the best way to keep your costs down when hiring removal companies.

Well here is an update;

There are busy periods for removal companies and there are not so busy periods. If you can plan your move for an unpopular date then you will be able to negotiate a bit harder.

Try and be as flexible as possible. This isn’t always possible due to circumstances like completion days, but if you do have the option to choose a date then this might help you get a better deal.

As an example, we have noticed that the 19th October is a hugely popular date this year. Those able to move on the 17th or 18th might well have got a cheaper deal.

Just worth thinking about.

Tough summer for removal companies

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

This wet summer is proving to be a long, wet one for the removals companies.

Mortgages dropped off a bit, which had a knock on effect on house purchases – which slows down the removals business and leaves the removals companies with some spare capacity.

If you can get your moving date – or just a provisional one, you may well find that you can strike a pretty good deal at the moment.

Request your quotes using our removal men quote form and see what you can save.