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Removal Tips

Monday, February 21st, 2011

One of the most stressful and daunting prospects is moving a home especially if this is the first time you have moved for a long time. Removal requires planning and organizing so it can be a stress free process.

An important aspect in removal is to plan way ahead in order for you to have plenty of time to deal with unexpected problems and complications. Some of us choose to pack our things by ourselves, if so, we need to do it as soon as possible. It’s probably most stressful if you do removals the day before you move. All that cramming will get you nowhere and you might get frustrated when doing your removals.

You should also find and compare removal companies which have a cheap price that fits your budget yet with quality service. You can find such companies by browsing in the internet and check the companies that are near your location.

As we said, if you are going to self pack, you need to do it as soon as possible to avoid problems and at the same time, inform the company quoting for your removal three to four weeks before your plan of removal. It is also important to understand the terms and conditions of the company contract which should include transit insurance and check that the limit for the insurance is sufficient to cover your goods.

After you have choose a company that would quote your removal, you need to confirm the date of your removal. This should be done two to three weeks prior. There should also be a tentative completion date that should be agreed by all the parties concerning the removal.

Now how about your gas, or electrical, or phone companies? Of course they should also be informed of your removal day for at least one week prior so they could send their meter readers to do meter readings on your removal day.

What Removal Companies Won’t Tell You

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Trust is the key to a successful relationship. In the case of a client and a provider it would be that of a business relationship. Whenever a transaction is being agreed to be undertaken by both parties, that is the provider and that of the client, each one would expect that the other would fulfil his or her end of the bargain. In the field of removal or moving companies trust is really important because of the fact that the service they provide is the transport of virtually all your property  from your previous location to another location. When you acquire the services of a removal company you actually are entrusting them with your priced possessions and that is why it would always be good for a removal company to establish a certain level of trust.

Trusting removal companies fully with your possessions might not be a good idea. This is why it is imperative that prior to closing transactions with a removal company it would be prudent to do some research about the removal company as they might not be disclosing facts about their company which might change your mind on hiring them. One of the obvious facts that a removal company would not be disclosing to their potential clients is the volume of complaints that the removal company is getting from clients that they have previously served. There are also companies who would not be disclosing the fact that removal companies are using sub-contractors especially during the times when there is a large volume of removal jobs. Third and finally one more reason that is not being disclosed by removal companies is the actual cost when for the entire job, this would lead to abuses wherein managers and supervisors will be asking for an overpriced quotes.

Removal Guidelines

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Transferring to a new location is a very tedious job not to mention the fact that it is also emotionally stressful, this is why many of those who want to transfer location of their home or office would opt to hire the services of a removal company. Removal companies are those whose main business is to help people who are transferring location of their home or office by moving their appliances, things or stuffs.

Although removal companies offer full services that is to let them take care of moving your things from packing, transport and unpacking it is still highly suggested that your presence should be required during the different stages of the removal process. This is to ensure that everything is in proper order and that your things that have sentimental value or any sort of value to you would be transported with the utmost care.

The presence of the client during the removal process would be valuable especially during the packing stage because it is in this stage that everything should be directed properly on where stuff should go. Clients having no prior experience with the removal process can find it difficult to understand how everything should be packed or handled during the removal process thus the following are some guidelines to help you out.

1.       Documents, especially those that are very important, should not be packed with your other stuff. They should be placed on a separate container as much as possible. Keep such important documents close to you and don’t let it be placed and transported along with your other stuff.

2.       Food should be packed properly or secured properly before packing. As much as possible cover soup cans andcondiment bottles with paper and plastic and bubble wrap to avoid breakages.

3.       Finally, the most important for you is to do all your packing ahead of time, do not wait for the day of the removal before you pack as this will lead to lot of errors when packing.