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Understanding Removal Company Charges

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Moving your furniture and appliances or generally your things from one location to another as a result of transfer of residence or transfer of office location is not a common activity; this is for the obvious reasons that not everyone is moving locations or changing residence or office at a regular basis. It is because of this fact that there are a lot of people who are confused on how removal companies conduct business and how a particular removal company would charge a specific client and why there are varied range of prices where there obviously is no specific standard amount being charged to clients. Most of the time removal company clients have been baffled by how removal companies are charging them and what are the basis of charging clients with such an amount.

First of all removal company clients must understand that charges for removals services is based on the amount of work required in order to accomplish the removal service, therefore, it is obvious that removal services charges are based on the amount of job or work required in order to accomplish the given task. The following are the basis of some removal companies when they calculate the charges or price that the client pays:

1.       The size of the truck needed to transport the furniture or appliances is one consideration when computing the price for the removal services rendered this is because the larger the truck or the vehicle the larger the capacity thus faster transport of materials is effected aside from the fact that larger trucks consume more gas than smaller ones.

2.       The number of persons needed to carry your furniture and other office or residence equipment is also another consideration. This is because of the fact that the more people employed to carry your furniture and other materials is proportional to the compensation that the removal company must provide to such employees.

3.       The distance of the former location to the new location is also a primary consideration because of the fact that consumed gasoline as well as the time spent in travelling must be compensated.

4.       Difficulty in accessing the property is also another consideration, such difficulty may depend on the location of the residence or office and whether or not there are avenue’s that could efficiently help the removal company to transport the furniture and materials, if such avenue is absent then a higher price would be charged. Example of absence of such avenue for efficient transportation is the new location is at a building top floor with only a flight of stairs as means of access to the top floor.

These criteria of course are dependent on the removal company such criteria are standard though subject for modification as seen fit by the removal company.

Which one is Better? Personal Removal? Or Hiring a Removal Company?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

One of the most tedious activities that one must do is moving material or properties from one place to another, especially when one is actually transferring residence or office. When conducting removals or removal activities many people are always torn between whether to conduct the removal activity themselves or to hire a removal company to do the removal for them. This debate always is focused on financial considerations that is, which one would be a lot cheaper to undertake. Let us weigh the advantages and disadvantages of conducting the removal activity yourself against having to hire a removal company.

Of course in terms of financial considerations conducting the removal activity yourself would seem to be a lot cheaper, since you will not pay anyone to move your things around. However, if we look at it closely individually or personally moving your things would be impractical aside from the fact that it is too tiring because of the simple fact that you only have yourself to depend on and thus moving things especially if such are furniture and appliances, would take a longer period of time. To add to your burden the distance from your former home or office to your new location might be far and not everyone has the vehicle that can accommodate such large number of furniture and appliance for transport so therefore you may still be required to rent a van or a truck to move your things. While when you hire a removal company, they have several manpower who can work and help you pack your things, sort it out for easy identification and disassemble and assemble any large furniture you have and all of which are done in the least amount of time. Further, removal companies have invested in transportation vehicles thus they have the capability or the vehicle to transport your furniture or appliances of various shapes and sizes. Finally, most removal companies has or offers extended warranty coverage where if a furniture or an appliance gets broken while being handled by the employees of the removal company the company will pay for the damage done, something that you cannot implement when you conduct the removal yourself.